PSA/DNA Authentication Service


Dear Friends,

Vince Malta and I are proud to have been selected by PSA/DNA as authenticators for professional model game used bats. Vince and I have been friends for many years and often times we laugh as we reminisce about the good old days of bat collecting in the mid 1980’s. Like many of you we can only shake our heads as we think about the bats we’ve owned and what they are worth today. The foundation of our friendship is the passion we share for our hobby and business that has grown from it. This passion drives us today as we continue to research the history of professional baseball bats, the players who use them and the many new manufacturers who are producing them.

authenticity-letterToday, with the rising value of game used bats, authenticity and provenance could not be more important. Team bats, index bats, pro stock bats, promotional model bats, what do I have, and what is it worth? These are the questions we are asked on a daily basis. A detailed PSA/DNA Letter of Authenticity answers these questions. Each bat is examined with a thorough 25 step authentication procedure to determine whether the bat is authentic and game used by the player. Additionally, at the customer’s request, we will also assign a PSA/DNA grade to the bat to determine it’s stature among other game used bats of the player. All bats sold by J T Sports are accompanied by a PSA/DNA Letter of Authenticity. Understandably, bats are not graded. Grading is optional, at the customer’s request.

If you have bats that you would like authenticated and graded please fill out the submission form online at or call us at 609-487-8003, and we will send a form by fax.

For a full overview of our Authentication and Grading program please visit the PSA/DNA web site at

Happy collecting and we hope to be of service to you in the future.

John F. Taube

J T Sports
PSA/DNA Authenticator
Professional Model Bats