Baseball Bat Display Case – Custom Design


Look at the features that truly make these the finest display cases available today.

Display case has easy opening door with a lock to keep collection safe.

Holds one babeball bat up to 36 inches in length.

Baseball bat rests on a black rubber bat holder.

Shadow box and door are both solid wood.

Suede matting thoughout the case.

The Display Case has “UV” filtered Conservation Glass which blocks out 97% of the harmful “UV” rays. This special glass will help prohibit the fading of your sports treasures.

Doors for the cases are available in the following finishes. Mahogany (pictured), Walnut, Honey, Natural and Black. Also are available are 11 colors of suede backing. Please call or email for available colors.

Cases are available in horizontal or vertical format to hold up to 16 bats.

Single bat horizontal display size is 40.5″ wide and 9.5″ high. Vertical display is 9.5″x40.5″. Shipping is $35.00.

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