Provenance: How much reliance should be placed on the written word?

A comment I often hear from those who collect game-used bats is that they don’t feel it is important to have a provenance letter to know that the bat they own was game-used. Donning my collectors cap, I couldn’t agree more. I know that the bats on my wall were all game-used by specific players. […]

The Objective Subjectivity of Grading

When it comes to grading game-used bats, the most frequent concern we hear from collectors is that the grading process is too subjective. In response to that concern we thought it would be helpful to offer the following review of our grading criteria. By providing this information it is our hope that collectors will have […]

Bats Not Appearing in Factory Records and Game-Used Promos – Do They Make the Grade?

Whether you’re a seasoned game-used bat collector, or just getting started in the genre, you have undoubtedly come across a bat that appears to have been actually used by a professional player in a game, but turns out to be a promo bat, or a bat without any record of order. Over the years, we […]

The Batting Cage: Collecting World Series and All Star Game Bats

By John Taube and Vince Malta Bats that have actually been used in World Series and All Star Games are among the most sought after treasures by game-used bat collectors. Combining rarity and unique barrel stamping, these mid-summer and fall classic bats, represent milestones in the history of baseball, as well as in the individual […]