World Series Bats and Louisville Slugger

According to Louisville Slugger, World Series bats ceased to exist in 1975. Since then, there are no written notations that refer to World Series lumber. Assumptions for that can be made, based on order dates and model numbers, but we all know what can happen when one assumes too much. World Series bats that were […]

History of Bat Manufacturing

In the early days of baseball, players actually made their own bats, which meant that they were all different shapes and sizes. However, when companies started producing bats, they became a standard shape and size. One of the earliest and most famous baseball bat companies was Louisville Slugger, and it is still in existence today. […]

World Series and All Star Bats

Bats that have actually been used in World Series and All Star Games are among the most sought after treasures by game-used bat collectors. Combining rarity and unique barrel stamping, these mid-summer and fall classic bats, represent milestones in the history of baseball, as well as in the individual player’s career.

Promo Model Bats

Whether you’re a seasoned game-used bat collector, or just getting started in the genre, you have undoubtedly come across a bat that appears to have been actually used by a professional player in a game, but turns out to be a promo bat, or a bat without any record of order. Over the years, we […]

Our Grading Criteria

We believe our grading criteria is a balanced process, based on authenticity, the amount of visible use, and the number of identifiable player characteristics that establish the likelihood the bat was indeed used by the named player. It is also important for collectors to understand that rarity has little if any bearing on the grade […]

The Philly Show – September 26 to 28, 2014

J T Sports will be attending The Philly Show Friday September 26th through Sunday September 28th at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, Pa. Booth number is 510. Show times are: Friday September 26 – 3:00PM to 8:00PM Saturday September 27 – 9:00AM to 5:00PM Sunday September 28 – 10:00AM to 4:00PM […]

Collect the Way that You Want to Collect

It is also very important for collectors to know that you don’t have to acquire all 10’s to have a great bat collection. Many of today’s collectors are putting together team sets; the bats of pitchers with 300 wins; hitters with 500 or more home runs; members of the 3,000 hit club, or .400 hitters. […]

Bat Grading vs. Card Grading

Some trading card collectors think of bat grading in the same way they think of card grading. The fact of the matter is that the difference between bat grading and card grading is like night and day. They contradict each other. A mint bat, in pristine factory condition, will get the lowest bat grade while […]

What to Expect From Us

Our team carefully examines the bat for any evidence of tampering, such as the altering of barrel brands, or model numbers. We also look for any indication of repairs or restoration that might have been performed. If provenance is provided, we verify its authenticity and make sure the documentation that accompanies the bat has not […]

The Extra Step

In order to be assured that you get what you pay for, we strongly recommend that you only consider a bat that has been authenticated by a reliable and knowledgeable source. The authentication process is actually very simple. Submission forms are available on line at the PSA/DNA website and can also be faxed or completed […]